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mkCDrec (Make CD-ROM Recovery) makes a bootable (El Torito) disaster recovery image, including backups of the Linux system to one or more CD-ROM(s) (multi-volume sets). Otherwise, the backups can be stored on another disk, NFS/CIFS disk, or (remote) tape. After a disk crash or system intrusion, the system can be booted from the CD-ROM and one can restore the complete system as it was. It also features disk cloning, which allows one to restore a disk to another disk (the destination disk does not have to be of the same size, as it calculates the partition layout itself). Currently, ext2, ext3, minix, MS-DOS, FAT, VFAT, Reiserfs, XFS, and JFS filesystems are supported. It can restore disks in Software RAID and LVM mode. It supports the One Button Disaster Recovery (OBDR) mode, which simulates a bootable CD-ROM on tape.


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默认的启动发生的初始ramdisk通过ramfs文件系统。支持已被添加了FedoraCore 7,BusyBox的已更新为1.7.2。所有#!/ bin / sh的改为#!/斌/ bash,使脚本继续在新的Ubuntu的版本。
标签: Minor feature enhancements
Default booting of the initial ramdisk happens via the ramfs file system. Support has been added for FedoraCore 7, and BusyBox has been updated to 1.7.2. All #!/bin/sh were replaced by #!/bin/bash so that scripts continue to work under newer Ubuntu versions.

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