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n2 is a client/server system for transmitting forensic snapshots from a number of hosts to a receiver node. This receiver collects statistics and is able to present an overview of the current and historical situation on a server. n2 provides a robust solution for real-time monitoring, optimizing performance, and analyzing crashes.


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2010-10-28 02:20

未成年人的CSS / HTML的修复是在n2view制成。性能调整作了n2rxd。 Windows版本的n2txd加入。磁盘空间增加了国旗。该decodingerr标志被添加到n2rxd/n2view。警告,挂起国旗加入n2view概述页面。修复了一个安全作出n2view。未成年人修复了为N2。
Minor CSS/HTML fixes were made in n2view. Performance tweaks were made to n2rxd. A Windows version of n2txd was added. Diskspace flags were added. The decodingerr flag was added to n2rxd/n2view. WARN-flags display was added to n2view overview pages. A security fix was made to n2view. Minor fixes were made to n2.

2009-08-03 23:58

n2notify was added, which is an email notification framework and daemon that combines well with n2. All packaging was redone; package repositories for most of the popular distributions are now offered. Lots of small bugfixes were made to n2rxd and friends. Lots of tweaks were done to n2view.

2009-04-29 23:31

Some minor bugs were fixed and a Lua framework was added for analyzing historical data and giving detailed reports and suggestions in the interface.

2009-04-04 09:37

This is the first public release, with full functionality.

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