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OW2 is a wiki/BBS management system that offers
multiple areas, user pages, rich markup, internal
backward links, full referer tracking, RSS feeds,
a public chat, and an internal messaging system.


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2006-01-29 20:40

标签: Minor feature enhancements
New plugins: tag cloud and comment moderation. New
administrative features. New direct SMTP email sending using
embedded PHPMailer.

2005-08-19 15:16

标签: Minor feature enhancements
This release adds minor bugfixes and two new plugins to manage OW2
system logs and tracked referrers.

2005-05-28 09:30

标签: Major feature enhancements
New plugins were added for editing users and areas, making it easier to get an installation running. Tables were added to the markup, various bugfixes were made, and a better layout was implemented.

2005-05-09 15:21

标签: Minor feature enhancements
Various minor improvements were made. The graphic
layout was improved, and a wealth of new icons was
added. Assorted bugfixes were made. Four new
plugins that significantly extend OW2
functionality and ease user administration were

2005-04-28 10:54

标签: Major feature enhancements
Ow2wiki now features plugin support. Plugins are easy to write object-oriented add-ons that can do anything, including extending the markup language. A number of sample plugins (user list, recent changes, code snippet, SVG, and VRML) were provided. Many bugfixes were made and better integration was achieved with Flickr, Technorati, and Furl.

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