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ELF statifier makes one executable file with no runtime dependencies from a dynamically-linked executable and all its libraries. This file can be copied and run on another machine with no need for all of the libraries.


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2010-03-03 05:29

标签: minor bug fixes
A recent bug that prevents statifier from working on some 32 bit systems has been fixed.

2010-02-25 08:23

此版本不再依赖于广发; gdb的使用在过去造成了太多的问题。为阿尔法支持已被删除。切换到SVN从CVS。
This release no longer depends on gdb; gdb usage caused too many problems in the past. Support for alpha has been dropped. Switched to SVN from CVS.

2008-12-02 19:33

支持Slackware的12.0和修复的不当访问Errno / strtoul使用。
标签: Minor bugfixes
Support for Slackware 12.0 and a fix for improper errno/strtoul usage.

2008-08-17 23:49

标签: Minor bugfixes
Support for gdb-6.8 was added.

2007-10-17 16:04

支持gdb6.6增加了。对系统中vDSO不像一个共享库的支持增加。 Statifier的网站终于获得了标志。
标签: Minor feature enhancements
Support for gdb6.6 was added. Support for systems
where vDSO does not look like a shared library was
added. Statifier's Web site finally got a logo.

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