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vttest is a program to test the compatibility (or to demonstrate the non-compatibility) of so- called "VT100-compatible" terminals. Additional tests are provided for analysis of vt220/vt420 terminals and variants of xterm.


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2012-01-09 04:00

此版本为 SGR 1006 和 1015 (备用鼠标的响应),添加测试屏幕并修改 ISO 滚动测试屏幕显示的颜色填充。
This release adds test screens for SGR 1006 and 1015 (alternate mouse responses), and modifies the ISO scrolling test screens to demonstrate color filling.

2011-07-08 18:02

标签: Minor feature enhancements, Bug fixes
This version adds test-screens for several status reports of vt420/vt520. There is also a portability fix.

2010-08-30 20:54

测试屏幕,增加了对DECRQM / DECRPM(请求模式报告)的ANSI,12月和xterm模式。菜单条目增加和现有的小鼠试验屏幕,支持扩展延伸到鼠标坐标模式和焦点事件鼠标跟踪。内建脚本被加入的RPM和Debian包。
标签: new features
Test-screens were added for DECRQM/DECRPM (request-mode reports) for ANSI, DEC, and xterm modes. Menu entries were added and existing mouse test-screens were extended to support extended mouse-coordinate mode and focus-event mouse tracking. Build-scripts were added for RPM and Debian packages.

2010-05-29 09:44

标签: Code cleanup, Minor bugfixes
There is a bugfix for the window-modification demo. There are portability improvements and code cleanup.

2007-12-17 00:49

标签: Minor feature enhancements
This release modifies tests for rectangle fill/copy/erase to use line drawing and color to demonstrate how those attributes are maintained by the terminal emulator.

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