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XMovie is a multimedia player for high quality Quicktime, MPEG, and DVD movies that supports 6 channel audio. The Quicktime decoder reads OpenDivx, assorted YUV formats, JPEG photo, MJPA, RGB, DV, IMA4, ULAW, Vorbis, and PCM codecs. The MPEG decoder reads MPEG-1 video, MPEG-2 video, MPEG-1 system streams, MPEG-2 system streams, VOB files, IFO files, MP2 and MP3 audio, and AC3 audio.


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2005-01-11 15:08

标签: Code cleanup
This version has been merged with the current
Quicktime and Libmpeg3.

2004-02-11 20:56

标签: Minor feature enhancements
Merged with latest Quicktime and Libmpeg3.

2003-11-11 23:23

迁移到Fedora的1.0。前一帧真正得到命令在MPEG 1和2前一帧。在播放过程中退出的原因更少的崩溃。有一个NPTL的取消崩溃的解决方法。 MMX是由于编译器禁用的变化。
标签: Major bugfixes
Migration to Fedora 1.0. The previous frame command really gets the previous frame in MPEG 1 and 2. Quitting during playback causes fewer crashes. There is a workaround for NPTL cancel crashes. MMX is disabled due to compiler changes.

2003-08-11 23:38

内建最新的QuickTime 4 Linux操作系统。建立在红帽9。
Integrated with the latest Quicktime 4 Linux. Builds on Red Hat 9.

2003-05-13 00:04

标签: Minor feature enhancements
Merged with the latest libraries.

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