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NSS-GUI is a graphical user interface to manage data and configuration of ​NSS (Network Security Services).

Features includes managing the contents of a certificate database, CRLs and PKCS#11 security devices.

NSS-GUI is a ​XULRunner application, and requires version 3.5.9 or 3.6.2 or newer.

A very small wrapper utility is used to parse command line arguments, set environment variables, and bring up the interactive window. The wrapper has been written in C++ and the Boost libraries.

NSS-GUI reuses ​Mozilla's ​PSM module, and consequently uses the same Certificate and NSS management code as shipped with Mozilla applications like Firefox and Thunderbird. (PSM is a core module of the Mozilla platform and included with XULRunner.)

There is no mailing list. If you would like to give feedback, please post to the mozilla.dev.tech.crypto newsgroup (news.mozilla.org or other news servers).

Current project maintainer is Kai Engert, you may reach me as kaie at my kuix.de or the redhat.com domain.


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