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Portable Assembler Framework

An Ada 95 compatible library for C source text manipulations

== Rationale ==

There are tons on C parsers, but none of them is written in Ada. The most 
close stuff is CIL, written in OCaml and Perl, thus quite painfully portable. 
Windows does not support shebang and cannot execute Perl script as a real 
program, so CIL Perl scripts are not easy to use on Windows. Also, old Perl 
is required, hard to obtain. Also, there were issues with OCaml4, so OCaml3 
is required, which is also hard to obtain. Hard to make it all work.

PAF, backed by AdaMagic Ada-to-C translator, should be more easy to handle.

PAF is now in its very inception.

== Compatibility ==

Ada standard: supports Ada 95 / Ada 2012.
Compilers: GNAT is supported, AdaMagic is planned.
Targets: Windows is supported (x86 + x86_64), others are planned.

It is desired to have compatibility with AdaMagic. AdaMagic only supports 
Ada 95. But its build tools are less mature. So meanwhile AdaMagic is not 
actively used in development. But then there has to be a replacement to 
enforce Ada 95 compatibility. GNAT GPL 2017 had an option to force Ada 95 
compliance. GNAT Community 2018 and higher ones are missing this option. 
The following combinations are used:
 GNAT 2017 GPL       Windows x86    Ada 95
 GNAT 2017 GPL       Windows x86    Ada 2012
 GNAT Community 2021 Windows x86_64 Ada 2012

This way:
* Ada 95 compatibility is checked
* x86/x86_64 portability is checked

== Building ==

Download Ahven and alter PAF.Build_Run.cmd to match your system.

PAF.Build_Run.cmd sets Ahven PATH which is expected to be ../ahven
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