AUR Upgrades - TWM Editions
2021-05-30 17:05 (by dev-andi)

Hi All,

This is just a heads-up that the recent build of Bauh included in the Peux TWM Editions, will not work for AUR upgrades due to some issues. So I'd suggest you use the AUR helpers of your choice to keep the AUR packages up to date.

Few of the helpers are :

  1. yay : - Upgrade command - yay -Syu
  2. pakku : - Upgrade command - pakku -Syu
  3. paru : - Upgrade command - paru -Syu

There are others available and you could, as I said, install the helpers of your choice. I'll make sure to include any one of these helpers the next time, that too in case Bauh's issue stays on the table. but for the time being, this is the best way to upgrade your system's AUR packages.


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