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2021-09-15 22:49 (by dev-andi)

Release Notes:
This is not a major release. The ISOs have been updated with latest packages. Below package replacements were done :
caps-indicator (added)
indicator-keylock (removed)
cbatticon (added)
cbatticon-gtk3-git (removed)
polo-bi (显示更多...)


2021-06-05 03:38 (by dev-andi)

Hi All,
Recently, you all might have upgraded to a new kernel, which usually is awesome. Timeshift, however, stopped working and the reason being that the format of lsblk has changed in the new util-linux. This has been fixed.
Follow the ste (显示更多...)


2021-05-30 17:05 (by dev-andi)

Hi All,
This is just a heads-up that the recent build of Bauh included in the Peux TWM Editions, will not work for AUR upgrades due to some issues. So I'd suggest you use the AUR helpers of your choice to keep the AUR packages up to date.
Fe (显示更多...)


2021-05-10 03:38 (by dev-andi)

Peux OS TWM Editions include i3wm, bspwm, xmonad, and leftwm. The files are now uploaded to OSDN as well. The details are present on Sourceforge and the official site.


2021-03-18 00:15 (by dev-andi)

Hi All,
Apologies for taking down the KDE ISO on the very first day it was uploaded. The reason being one missing package that was important for FACE-RECOGNITION to work.
I was able to successfully add the package, however, the builds were a (显示更多...)


2021-03-16 12:59 (by dev-andi)

I hope that today I will be able to publish the KDE ISO without any issues.


2021-03-02 14:43 (by dev-andi)

Good news for the KDE lovers, I have already started working on the KDE version. Tests are currently going on and you may expect a release anytime soon.
Those who know my ways of implementing things ( after trying the XFCE/LXQt versions espec (显示更多...)

2021-03-02 14:34 (by dev-andi)

Hi All,
First of all, thanks for the support.
It was unexpected that people really liked this distro. The sole reason being, it changes the perspective of a regular Desktop Environment. I have turned off reviews on SourceForge, didn't get th (显示更多...)


2021-02-19 18:50 (by dev-andi)

Hi All,
I have recently created this newsletter to make announcements easy and quick. You guys no longer have to login to the OSDN to read or reply. You can subscribe to the newsletter to get announcements related to bugs and releases - direc (显示更多...)


2021-02-16 15:23 (by dev-andi)

Update for those who are using XFCE
Recently xfce4-notifyd has become a "must" and not a "make" dependency for xfce4-power-manager.
This means when you'll do a system upgrade the package - xfce4-notifyd will get installed (显示更多...)
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