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2020-03-21 02:29
Hi, that is a feature request. It could be, that someone before me, already requested it, but I can not read the me...
2020-03-17 15:29
I found there is no search option for the text in the terminal, I think this featue is very useful for many of us
2020-03-17 01:55
SSH接続で認証を行った直後にウィンドウのサイズを変更すると、 サーバに次の理由で切断されました. 'server_input_channel_...
2020-03-17 01:54
SSH接続で認証を行った直後に[Control] - [Send berak]を実行すると、 サーバに次の理由で切断されました. 'server_input_ch...
2020-03-12 20:53
Windows10のマルチセッション環境(Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise for Virtual Desktops)に 最新版teratermをインストー...


2020-01-11 22:55

I needed Tera Term, not a driver updater program. It said TeraTerm4... but ....

2019-11-01 23:20

Better than putty when Tera Term connects to a serial device as some file tr....

2019-07-21 23:49

top software end very util tools

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