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2020-06-02 17:39
评论由 parangpo

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TeraTerm is very useful and perfect program. Thank you for the developers efforts.
TeraTerm works perfect for my project. Very useful.
I need a method to send a string at a time for serial communication, not typing one by one.

2020-01-11 22:55
评论由 Fritz

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I needed Tera Term, not a driver updater program. It said TeraTerm4... but when I tried to install it, a driver updater installed without any hint of TeraTerm. This site is not worth using.

2019-11-01 23:20
评论由 Nelson Chui

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Better than putty when Tera Term connects to a serial device as some file transfer protocols (e.g. Kermit, XYZModem) built-in.

2019-07-21 23:49
评论由 bousaadouna

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top software end very util tools
conviviabilty end pratique soft

2019-07-09 19:25
评论由 RevRat

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We love the HyperTerminal! Now It's back on Win10_64
It does what I needed it for, with style.

2019-04-02 14:23
评论由 tonyrobin

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Teraterm is easy to install in all current Windows environments and works well. It is currently the best choice for a terminal emulator.
Teraterm has many features as an SSH client. It also has excellent macro features.

2019-04-01 22:29
评论由 maxtorx

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Teraterm is very useful software and is an integral part of my desktop environment. I think teraterm is easier to use than putty and has enough features.

2019-03-17 14:04
评论由 tobor

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Great application. It works and also has the break key function as a drop down in the window. While using a serial connection to a router on the job I was not able to issue the break command through Putty/Kitty and a few other random ones I found on the internet. The "break key" drop down menu option allowed me to enter ROMMON mode on the backup Router and prevented the simple job it was from taking hours. Thank you to all the hard work done on Tera Term. This is my go to emulator now.
It works. More than one way to do things. has options such as reset terminal available from the drop down menus.

2019-01-29 04:12
评论由 jean-michel

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I use teraterm all days and it's marvellous !

2018-12-15 06:17
评论由 smogmanus

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TeraTerm completely changed the way I work. I use the scripting language to pull Cisco configurations out of any of their devices. The Script pulls the the complete config to a file and opens Notepad++. Here is the script. ;aaaarrouterrun.ttl 01/04/00 ; 01/04/00 Brad Schrunk ; Download Current Runnning Config into editor. ; ; Takes Snap Shot of Router after the config has been updated. ; Login has already been done. User will update snapshot from inside ; of router enable mode. ; open Tera Term ;This script pulls the router running configuration into ;a text editor. ; ;variables ct = "" ploff = "" plon = "" tloff = "" e = "" sc = "" start = "" fileend = "" fileend2 = "" v tloff = 'term length 0' e = 'end' tlon = 'term length 24' sc = 'show run' en = 'en' start = 'started!' n = 'ntp access-group' endend = 'endend' fd1 = 'c:\files\capture\routerrun.txt' fd2 = 'c:\files\capture\routerrun.txt.bak' ; Use whatever editor you want. fedit = 'notepad++.exe c:\files\capture\routerrun.txt' filedelete fd1 filedelete fd2 flushrecv logopen fd1 0 0 sendln tloff ;turns of term length 24 sendln sc ;sends show run command ;wait n ;waits for script to ntp server. ensures end of file ;wait e ;waits for true end of script strmatch 'endend' sendln tlon logclose exec fedit end
Teraterm is an intelligent piece of software. Once you use this you will never use anything else. I would give it a ten if I could. Teraterm used with Autohotkey is a killer combination.
None that I can think of.