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Julius is an open-source, high-performance large vocabulary continuous speech recognition (LVCSR) engine for speech-related researchs and developments. With HMM acoustic model and language model, you can construct your own speech recognition system.

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发布: 2002-11-19 00:24
julius free-3.3p2 (1 files 隐藏)


[free version: does not contain grammar-based engine Julian]

Three bugs relating language model is fixed.

This release has three bug fixes and one new feature for
recording of recognized speech. See changelog for details.


Changes in 3.3p1-3.3p2:
- add new feature: "-record dir" records speech inputs sucessively into the specified directory.
- fix segfault on Solaris with "-input mfcfile".
- fix adin-cut bug when using module mode and adinnet together.
- fix output flush after last recognition output.

Changes in 3.3-3.3p1:
- (BIG!) fix misconfigure of default language model weights.
- fix output of wrong value in "-separatescore".
- fix dictionary reading (allow double space)