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Julius is an open-source, high-performance large vocabulary continuous speech recognition (LVCSR) engine for speech-related researchs and developments. With HMM acoustic model and language model, you can construct your own speech recognition system.

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发布: 2007-12-19 15:58
julius 4.0 (3 files 隐藏)


The Julius rev.4.0 is a full major version up, a re-innovation of the
decoder as a flexible speech recognition engine. The internal
structures are re-organized and modularized thoroughly, which results
in the librarization of core engine, enhancement and unification of
language model, realization of multi-decoding with hot plugging
feature. The major features are listed below:

- Engine core becomes separate C library with simple API
- Can handle various LM, thus Julius and Julian are integrated
- Multi-decoding with multiple models
- Support to add and remove models while running the decoder
- Support N-gram longer than 4 (N now unlimited)
- User-defined LM function
- Confusion network output
- GMM-based and decoder-based VAD
- New tools added, new functions added
- Memory efficiency is improved

Julius-4.0 ensures the compatibility with Julius-3.x for its usage and
Jconf configuration, so that one can easily migrate to Julius-4.
The decoding performance of Julius-4.0 is still kept as the same as
the latest release (Julius-3.5.3) for now.


Julius-4.0 は7年ぶりのメジャーバージョンアップであり,拡張性や柔軟性

○ エンジン本体のライブラリ化およびAPIの整備
○ Julius / Julian の一本化
○ 複数モデルを用いたマルチデコーディングの対応
○ 言語モデルの動的追加・削除
○ 4-gram 以上の長さのN-gramへの対応
○ ユーザ定義言語関数のサポート
○ confusion network 出力
○ 音声区間検出 (VAD) の強化(GMM・デコーダベース)
○ ツールの機能追加・新ツール追加・メモリ管理改善等

Julius-3.x からは使い方・設定ファイルにおいて上位互換性を確保しており,
前バージョン (3.5.3) とほぼ同じ性能を維持しています.


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