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view3dscene is a browser for VRML (1.0 and 2.0) and X3D, and a viewer for other 3D model formats (3DS, MD3, Wavefront OBJ, and Collada are handled). It supports viewing the scene in the "Examine" mode and walking in the virtual world with features such as collision detection and gravity. Rendering is done using OpenGL. Many advanced 3D graphic effects are available, like mirrors (flat and through cube environment mapping), shadows (shadow maps and shadow volumes), GLSL shaders and more. The program can also convert files from 3DS, MD3, Collada and other formats to X3D and pretty-print VRML and X3D files.


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2013-01-28 02:25

它是现在可能通过鼠标拖动导航在步行和飞行模式。添加鼠标 3D 设备的支持。实现的屏幕空间环境遮挡 (见菜单项"查看-> 屏幕效果")。3D 光源可以以交互方式编辑 (见"编辑-> 灯编辑器"的菜单项)。所有的屏幕效果现在合作多采样 (抗锯齿)。从 X3D 3.3 单位声明被实现。VisibilitySensor 节点的支持。对三角形凹多边形的许多修复。其他小的改进和优化从使用城堡游戏引擎 4.0.0 来的。
标签: Major feature enhancements
It is now possible to navigate in the Walk and Fly modes by mouse dragging. Mouse 3D device support was added. Screen-space ambient occlusion is implemented (see menu item "View -> Screen Effects"). 3D lights can be edited interactively (see the "Edit -> Lights Editor" menu item). All screen effects cooperate now with multi-sampling (anti-aliasing). UNIT statement from X3D 3.3 is implemented. VisibilitySensor node is supported. Many fixes to triangulating concave polygons. Other minor improvements and optimizations coming from using Castle Game Engine 4.0.0.

2012-01-02 06:50

Collada 呈现和转换到 X3D 的很多改进。支持几何着色器。将实施"限制 FPS"选项,以不排气 CPU。更多的图像格式都支持 GIF、 TGA、 交叉相位调制 PSD) 的纹理。带有透明背景截图一个菜单项。新命令行选项来选择一个初始的观点。改进和优化阴影地图和方差阴影映射。颜色 interpolators 在 HSV 空间中工作。
标签: Major feature enhancements
Many improvements to Collada rendering and conversion to X3D. Geometry shaders are supported. The "Limit FPS" option is implemented, to not exhaust CPU. More image formats are supported for textures (GIF, TGA, XPM, PSD). A menu item to take a screenshot with a transparent background. A new command line option to choose an initial viewpoint. Improvements and optimizations to shadow maps and Variance Shadow Maps. Color interpolators work in HSV space.

2011-07-28 00:05

X3D的模型可以被保存到磁盘使用X3D XML编码。 VRML的2到X3D的转换成为可能。添加新的菜单项和命令行选项,使转换的各种VRML/X3D版本和编码。独立“tovrmlx3d的”二元添加到view3dscene释放,特别是在批处理模式下执行的转换。经典编码保存VRML/X3D模型也有所改善,更好地处理META标签,更好的压痕,和更可靠的节约使用阴影贴图的扩展模型。
标签: Minor feature enhancements
X3D models can be saved to disk using the X3D XML encoding. Conversion from VRML 2 to X3D is now possible. New menu items and command-line options were added to enable conversion to various VRML/X3D versions and encodings. The independent "tovrmlx3d" binary was added to the view3dscene release, specifically to perform conversions in batch mode. Saving VRML/X3D models to classic encoding was also improved with better handling of META tags, better indentation, and more reliable saving of models using shadow maps extensions.

2011-07-04 12:01

一切可以利用GPU的着色渲染,与每像素光照,完善的高光,等功效。凹凸映射和阴影贴图与多个光源现在,正确与所有纹理设置。到复合GPU着色器的新扩展的贯彻落实。在3DS,OBJ波前,COLLADA等转换到X3D 3.2实施。凹凸从3DS和波前OBJ引用的地图纹理现在处理。 X3D光源的“全球性”领域的支持。大灯可以自定义一个新的headlightNode延伸。
标签: Major feature enhancements
Everything can be rendered using GPU shaders, with per-pixel lighting, perfect specular highlights, and other effects. Bump mapping and shadow maps work with multiple light sources now, and correctly cooperate with all texture settings. New extensions to composite GPU shaders are implemented. Conversion of 3DS, Wavefront OBJ, Collada, and others to X3D 3.2 is implemented. Bump map textures referenced from 3DS and Wavefront OBJ are now handled. The X3D light sources "global" field is supported. Headlight can be customized by a new headlightNode extension.

2011-02-08 20:19

动态场景绘制的速度要快得多。 GLSL的属性里面VRML/X3D文件是允许的。雾可以限制由LocalFog节点特定形状。该FogCoordinate节点允许您指定在每个顶点明确的灰雾。加载从URI是GLSL的着色器支持的数据源。多视口观察相同的三维模型的贯彻落实。在批处理模式下制作截图的命令行选项现在更加可靠。 TouchSensor.hitTexCoord_changed事件实施。该TouchSensor.hitNormal_changed事件进行了改进生成光滑法线。
标签: Major feature enhancements
Rendering of dynamic scenes is much faster. GLSL attributes inside VRML/X3D files are allowed. Fog can be limited to specific shapes by the LocalFog node. The FogCoordinate node allows you to specify explicit fog density at each vertex. Loading of GLSL shader sources from a data URI is supported. Multiple viewports observing the same 3D model are implemented. The command-line options for making screenshots in batch mode are now more reliable. TouchSensor.hitTexCoord_changed event is implemented. The TouchSensor.hitNormal_changed event was improved to generate smooth normals.

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