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Adds a modern OS X interface for the rogue-like game, Hengband ( ).


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发布: 2020-02-25 06:20
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The save file structure has not changed between and

The macOS front end in now requires macOS 10.8 or later rather than's requirement of 10.7 or later.

The way keycodes are encoded on macOS and passed to hengband has changed in If you have custom macro triggers, you may have to change them to be compatible with the new encoding.

变更日志 includes these changes:

The new version now requires 10.8 or later since the application makes use of "Base localization" for internalionalization.

Changed the encoding of the keycode and option modifier in macro triggers generated by the Cocoa interface in response to keypresses. Removed direct mapping of some keys (cursor keys, help function key, and delete function key) to the underlying command set and instead pass those through the macro trigger mechanism. Those changes allow the cursor keys to work in the editor for the autopick settings and allow more modifiers (like shift for running) to work with the numeric keypad. Added trigger names to match the macro triggers generated by the Cocoa interface in pref-mac.prf. If you had set up custom macro triggers based on the old encoding of the keycode, those will have to be redone.

Corrected regression that caused the main window's minimum size to not be correctly set at startup.

The response to font changes in the main window does a better job of keeping the player in the bounds of the window.

Corrected handling of full screen mode: exiting while in fullscreen mode no longer leaves the main window acting as if it was still in fullscreen mode when the application is restarted.

Keep the save and command menu items disabled during character generation since they aren't useful until the character enters the world. Also keep the save menu entry disabled while on the splash screen.

Made some additional English message changes including a correction for the message about a weaponsmith adding an essence to an item and more English descriptions of artifacts that were missing descriptions.

Merged in upstream's changes for building on non-Windows platforms, including the new --with-varpath=PATH option to configure.

For developing the application, made it easier to change the user interface with Xcode's Interface Builder.

Tile set rendering changes:

Since use Angband's version of the tile sets on the Mac, added workarounds in the preference files for the cases where those tile sets differ from Hengband's versions. Especially for terrain, that makes tiles more useful in the Mac version.

Added support for big tile mode in the Mac interface. It is enabled by default and can be turned on or off from the Settings menu.

Corrected regression that objects and creatures were always shown with a black background.

Changed to better handle if an error occurs while loading or converting the tile set image.

Changed so that blending is used if the tile set has an alpha channel.

As an optimization, don't draw the foreground if it is the same as the background.