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MSWLogo Español (Spanish)

このバージョンは、softronixの有名なMSWLogoのカスティリャ人が訳しました。消えられた数年間失ってしまいましたが、ヒスパニックを発表するためにオリジナルのバイナリとソースを回復しました。ようこそスペイン語版MSW Logo。

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HLogoZ Lite

HLogoZ Lite is a script that automatically changes a logo or other image for specific holidays or other dates. There is also a version HLogoZ available as a plugin for WordPress: HLogoZ-WP. It allows you to specify your own custom dates or holidays on which the logo should be changed. It has three modes: image, Flash, and text. All modes can be used together.

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作业系统: OS Independent
编程语言: Logo, PHP
最后更新: 2000-01-05 13:22


Berkely Logo (ucblogo) is an interpreter for the Logo programming language. Logo is a computer programming language designed for use by learners, including children. This dialect of Logo features random-access arrays, variable number of inputs to user-defined procedures, various error handling improvements, comments and continuation lines, first-class instruction and expression templates, and macros.