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Google Map GPS Cell Phone Tracker

Google Map GPS Cell Phone Tracker allows you to track Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Java ME cellphones using Google Maps. It has two parts, a server and phone clients. You have a choice of two servers, using and SQL server or PHP and MySQL. The server software allows you to view cellphone locations in realtime using Google Maps and store routes and view them later. The client applications send their locations to the website periodically. All four applications work properly in the background and are written natively on each platform.

最后更新: 2014-04-07 22:53

Joget Workflow

Joget Workflow is a platform to easily build enterprise Web apps for cloud and mobile. Build full-fledged apps, e.g. CRM, HR, Healthcare, etc. Drag and drop forms, lists, and UI elements. Add workflows to automate processes. Extend via plugins. Apps are mobile optimized and cloud ready. Download ready made apps from the Joget Marketplace.

最后更新: 2015-04-21 16:31

فرهنگ فارسی همراه

این پروژه یک لغتنامه ساده فارسی به فارسی マンションの دستگاه スマート グリッド همراه است。بیش از 32700 واژه فرهنگ لغت فارسی معین در برنامه گنجانده されたと同じよう است。Java デバイス用ペルシャにペルシャ語 (ペルシア語) 辞書です。Moeen ペルシア語辞書に基づいて 32700 以上のエントリを。

(Machine Translation)
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MeeGo is a Linux-based mobile and embedded operating system. It brings together the Moblin project, headed up by Intel, and Maemo, by Nokia, into a single open source activity. MeeGo currently targets platforms such as netbooks and entry-level desktops, handheld computing and communications devices, in-vehicle infotainment devices, connected TVs, and media phones. All of these platforms have common user requirements in communications, application, and Internet services in a portable or small form factor. The MeeGo project will continue to expand platform support as new features are incorporated and new form factors emerge in the market.

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Countly is a real-time, mobile analytics application. It collects event data from mobile phones and visualizes this information to analyze mobile application usage. Countly dashboard gives a complete overview of your application's performance. You can view detailed metrics, including session length, hardware type, operator (carrier), connection type or speed, activity length, and more.

最后更新: 2014-04-07 22:54

Sensor Readout

Sensor Readout visualizes sensor readout on Android devices. It is designed to provide the readout as rawly as possible and is intended to be used by people who want to test their device's sensors or compare sensors of different devices.

最后更新: 2012-02-21 01:13


QuiteSleep is an Android application that controls which people can interrupt your sleep, or any other activity defined by start and end times. In addition to muting calls, it can send an SMS and email with predefined text to advise callers that you are sleeping or busy.

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ソースは にあります。

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Synergy Android Client

synergyクライアントのAndroidプラットフォームへの移植です。 を参照してください。現在、計画段階です。

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Scripture is an online and mobile study application that allows users to read, interact with, and study the Bible using many unique features and tools.

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The overall objective of the XtreemOS project is the design, implementation, evaluation, and distribution of a grid operating system (called XtreemOS) with native support for virtual organizations (VO). XtreemOS is capable of running on a wide range of underlying platforms, from clusters to mobiles. It is based on Mandriva Linux, with support to come for other distributions later.

最后更新: 2013-08-11 18:05

Mo Da Browser

Mo Da Browser is a small, stable browser for Android mobile phones and tablets. It is a core browser with less than a dozen Java files for anyone to build up from and add their own value. Developers can then sell their own more feature-full app with its added value into the marketplace. Mo Da reworks how things are done in browsing: how to go forward and back, how to control the browser, and how to record and share where you've been. Both the source and the signed, installable apk file are available for download.

最后更新: 2010-03-15 13:26


iPfaces is a framework for simple creation of native, form-oriented network applications for mobile devices. The aim of the solution is to screen the programmer completely out from the mobile platform itself, and transfer the entire application logic to the central application server level. Developers with experience with one of the supported Web technologies (ASP.Net, Java, and PHP) may start working with iPFaces virtually immediately.

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Android用コンバータをEPUBへの最小限のオフラインPDF - ©2011エツィオケリーニ ePUBatorエキスPDFファイルからテキストと整形(epubcheck準拠)のEPUBファイルに入て。 iTextのライブラリ<>に基づくPDF抽出は、AGPLライセンスの下でリリース。 - ePUBatorは、PDF(あまりそれを聞かないでください)の種類ごとに、本のないようにする。 - ePUBatorは(ネット上のどこかにドキュメントを送信しない、広告を持っていない)、インターネット接続 を必要としません。 - ePUBatorエキステキスト(写真からまたはラスタPDFからテキストなし)。 - ePUBatorは、画像を(唯一のPNG、JPGやGIF)を抽出してみたが、ページの末尾にそれらを置く。 - ePUBatorが存在する場合(またはダミーTOCを作成する)目次を抽出してみてください。 - ePUBatorは、フォントサイズとスタイルを抽出しません。 - ePUBatorは、PDFファイルの同じフォルダにePUB形式ファイルを保存します。 - ePUBatorは、単一の列PDF(マルチカラムやテーブルを使用)で正常に動作します。

发展现状: 4 - Beta
自然语言: English, Italian
作业系统: Android
编程语言: Java
用户界面: Handheld/Mobile/PDA